Community Initiatives

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.

— Chinese proverb

Community Initiatives

Tir Na Nog

The Community Garden

A large group of families along with staff gathered together one beautiful Saturday and were guided in the initial creation of 5 no-dig gardens shaped as mandalas (each with an approximate diameter of 5 metres) by a local permaculturist. Since then a few diligent community members have helped Michelle upkeep and replenish the garden. Weather permitting the older children have also assisted in the maintenance and development. Harvesting tomatoes, pumpkin, basil, lettuce, eggplant, zucchini, silverbeet etc.. and sharing this lovely fresh produce with families.

Annual Cultural Celebration

2011 Celebrating Europe / 2012 Oceania / 2013 South & Central America / 2014 Africa / 2015 Asia

In 2011 we celebrated the continent of Europe. In class we looked at landmarks, food, animals, people, music. We learnt some basic Italian. This culminated in a beautiful Cultural Day that saw parents and children dressed in European attire – Scotsmen, Maidens, Goddesses, Queens, and Vikings. Families all cooked and shared European food and explored continental culture through songs, games, art and stories.

This has now become an annual community event, each year we celebrate another continent, each year becomes more colourful than the last.

  Winter Feast 

2012 Masquerade /2013 Alice in Winterland / 2014 Mythology

For the past two years, parents have gathered together each cooking a seasonally inspired meal to share with the community at our Winter Feast.

This is a time for parents to get together or meet for the first time, talk and exchange thoughts, ideas, experiences and stories whilst feasting on a variety of freshly cooked and beautifully presented meals.

Parent Discussion Group

Once every six to seven weeks parents gather on a Friday evening. Ideas are exchanged, support is offered. This presents an opportunity for us to discuss parenting, childhood, Montessori ideas/pedagogy, society & influences upon our children, language, literature and whatever other topics may arise. Presentations are from time to time given such that parents gain a greater understanding of how our didactic materials work.

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