The Montessori Method

Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.

— Maria Montessori

The Montessori Method

Dr. Maria Montessori developed a beautiful pedagogy, a holistic approach to education that is child-centred, uses didactic materials to guide children to abstract concepts through concrete experiences. The method focuses on respect for an individual, for others and the environment and guides children through stages of independence led by the premise that one must have freedom within well defined boundaries to truly develop and realise their potential.

Montessori’s philosophy goes beyond the classroom into the home and permeates life, going to the core of human development, individually, as a society, as organisms living in harmony with the Earth. 

Over the course of the past 100 years the Montessori Method has resonated with people worldwide and is now chosen by families on six continents. (There are 22,000 Montessori schools located in 110 countries). The Method has had the support over the years of many committed individuals including Alexander Graham Bell and wife Mabel who founded the Montessori Education Foundation and Thomas Edison who helped found a Montessori school. Montessori’s origins in Australia date back to 1913, next year marks the centenary of Montessori as a choice in education for Australians.

Maria Montessori envisioned a world of no testing, no competition and above all of PEACE.

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